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Unisol resoled the fiber-optic network issue at NDS CISCO in the year 2007 which was implemented by one of their vendors. The installation consisted of approximately eight hub rooms connected to a single server room through fiber cable and was transmitting multiple digital cable TV channels to approximately 1000 work stations which were spread over three floors.


The client had the requirement of transmitting multiple digital cable TV channels in single cable through Fiber and copper co-axial cables which needed high bandwidth.

  • Higher signal losses in transmission
  • Huge noise in transmission of signals from the server room to work stations
  • The network was not functioning properly and due to that team not stared the project
  • Vendor unable to resolve it
  • The client invited other fiber experts, they tested and said wrong products are used and can’t be resolved.

The only way is to replace all Fiber cable and accessories.


Unisol visited the site on the request of the client and understood the application of the network. Tested the Fiber cable connectivity between server room and hub rooms and found that all cables are working. Unisol identified that it was the only compatibility issue between the cable and transmitters/receivers. Unisol recommended the client to use one compatible patch cable between device and Fiber patch panel which was very less in cost.


The issue got resolved and the network functioned as per the client’s requirement and the client started the project on time. The client was happy and Unisol built the credibility and continuing business for fast 13 years. The client happily offered all their upcoming projects to Unisol which are worth more than 1.5 Cr.

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