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Fiber Optic Patch Panel

Rack Mount Patch Panel

4U Sliding Rack mount patch panel/LIU


  • Material : Mild Steel/Aluminum with 7 Tank Process powder coating.
  • Dimensions : 176*445*350 mm (H*W*D)
  • Color : RAL 7035/Black
  • Spool : FR grade PVC.
  • Cable grommet : FR grade Nylon
  • Splice Holder : FR grade ABC.
  • Splice Holder Dimension : 10*220*110 mm (H*W*D)
  • Cable Glands : Nylon with nitrile butadiene rubber, cable diameter of 5mm to 14mm max available
  • Fiber components standard : Telecordia GR 326
  • Insertion Loss : less <.3dB (Multimode), < .2dB (Singlemode)
  • Plug/Unplug durability : 1000 times

UNISOL Rack mount sliding enclosure is suitable for 19” Rack frame applications where the Fiber optic backbone cable has to be terminated and had an option for sliding for easy maintenance. 4U slide-out tray holds single adapter panels & It can accommodate 96 port in 4U size. Also can accommodate 192 port in LC duplex where there is space constraint in the rack. This specially designed splice tray provides minimum bend radius and protects splice joint. Fiber optic patch panel rack mount suitable for easy pull-in & pull-out to manage interior of fiber LIU.

Fiber optic patch panel is an integrated unit for fiber management, we offer slide out rack mounted fiber optic patch panels, this equipment function is to fix and manage the fiber optic cables inside the box as well as provide protection. Our fiber patch panels are made with 16-gauge mild steel with corrosion-resistant seven tank process powder coating to provide excellent protection for the inside fibers. Our Rack mounted fiber patch panels can accommodate single modular panel and is equipped with sspecially designed splice tray to limit bend radius and enhance strain-relief control. Unisol fiber enclosures are designed to accommodate maximum eight cable entry. It can support up to 96 ports when fully loaded with SC Simplex/Duplex or 192 port with LC Duplex Adapters. The fiber optic patch panel rack mount provides cross-connect and interconnects capabilities for splicing & terminating OFC cables, pigtails in fiber access network. Patch panel can be loaded with a variety of adapters like ST, SC, FC and LC.

  • MS/Aluminum housing with seven tank process powder coating
  • Suitable for 19" Rack mount Applications
  • Replaceable panel for SC/ST/LC/FC type couplers
  • Can manage adaptor panel for maximum 96 SC/192 to LC in 4U size
  • Capable of storing up to three meters of 900 micron tight buffered fiber cable
  • Allow maximum eight cables entry
  • Patch or fusion splice field termination standard
  • High impact resistance splicing tray &for fiber and & pigtail routing
  • Accessory kit includes mounting ear, cable gland, cable ties and screws
  • Indore Premise Networks
  • Central offices (FFTx)
  • Data Centers
  • Telecommunication Networks
  • Security Survelliance Applications
  • Process Automation & Control Systems
  • Power Systems & Controls
Description Part No.
Unisol 96 Port 4U Sliding Rack Mount Fiber Optic Patch Panel/LIU UCPL-SLIDE-96 PRM-4UPP
Unisol 192 Port 4U Sliding Rack Mount Fiber Optic Patch Panel/LIU UCPL-SLIDE-192 PRM-4UPP
Unisol Adapter panel 1 x 96 SC SM Simplex UCPL-SCSM96PSPX
Unisol Adapter panel 1 x 96 SC MM Simplex UCPL-SCMM96PSPX
Unisol Adapter panel 1 x 48 SC SM Duplex UCPL-SCSM96PDPX
Unisol Adapter panel 1 x 48 SC MM Duplex UCPL-SCMM96PDPX
Unisol Adapter panel 1 x 96 ST SM Simplex UCPL-STSM96PSPX
Unisol Adapter panel 1 x 96 ST MM Simplex UCPL-STMM96PSPX
Unisol Adapter panel 1 x 48 LC SM Duplex UCPL-LCSM96PDPX
Unisol Adapter panel 1 x 48 LC MM Duplex UCPL-LCMM96PDPX
Unisol Adapter panel 1 x 96 FC SM Simplex UCPL-FCSM96PSPX
Unisol Adapter panel 1 x 96 FC MM Simplex UCPL-FCMM96PSPX
Unisol Adapter panel 1 x 96 LC SM Duplex UCPL-LCSM192PDPX
Unisol Adapter panel 1 x 96 LC MM Duplex UCPL-LCMM192PDPX

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