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fiber optic couplers & adapters

UNISOL® Fiber optic connector offers a full range of SC,LC ,ST , FC, MTRJ & SC/APC adapters that have compact design & high precision, which perform well under various circumstances & maintain good plug retention strength. Simplex and duplex adapters are available. The sleeves are basically recommended zirconia split type, the phosphor bronze split.

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  • Compact design
  • Telcordia, TIA/EIA,IEC compliance
  • High precision alignment
  • Low insertion and return loss
  • Self adjusting metal panel clips (for LC adapter)
  • Duplex adapter SC footprint  (for LC adapter)
  • Screw-type locking stable and reliable (for FC Adapter)
  • Square Type  design (for FC Adapter)
  • Threaded with nuts or snap-in coupling (for ST Adapter)
  • Body zinc alloy for long life ( for ST Adapter)
  • Available for D-shaped and Rectangular mount (for ST Adapter)

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