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Multi-DTH (MDTH)

In an apartment majority of people are utilizing DTH frameworks and if everybody gets their DTH framework circle introduced outside their home, the entire building will look full of these dishes. To avoid this problem, we design and implement MDTH solution by using Fiber optic backbone and Co-axial distribution cables to deliver quality signals to the endpoint with minimum maintenance. And also, a robust solution for Multiple DTH Services and digital cable TV in addition to CCTV signals on a single cable going into the house.

UNISOL MDTH is a customized solution for connecting multiple houses within the same multi-storied building with a single antenna/reflector to receive Direct-to-Home (DTH) services. MDTH solution delivers multiple service provider's signals to user locations including digital cable TV. We provide multi-DTH solutions for a residential apartment as plug and play. This solution makes their building DTH enable running multiple services on single coaxial cable. Likewise, Multi-DTH arrangement gives integration of service like CCTV and Telecom administration (Internet), etc..

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