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Multi-DTH (MDTH)

Are you tired of seeing numerous DTH dishes cluttering your apartment building?

UNISOL offers cutting-edge MDTH solution designed to eliminate the need for multiple DTH dishes while delivering high-quality signals to every residence. This solution offers a convenient and cost-effective way to connect multiple houses within the same building or apartment to various DTH services. By utilizing a Fiber Optic backbone network and Co-axial distribution cables, the MDTH solution eliminates the need for individual DTH dishes for each residence, reducing clutter and maintenance requirements.

Benefits of MDTH Solution by UNISOL:

Our MDTH solution revolutionize the way DTH services are delivered in multi-story buildings. By eliminating the need for individual DTH dishes, our technology provides a clutter-free environment, saves costs, and simplifies maintenance. Moreover, our solutions can seamlessly integrate additional services like CCTV surveillance and Internet, further enhancing the convenience and efficiency for residents.

Explore Our Successful Projects:

1. Estella Builders and Developers:

Streamlined Multi DTH Solution at Estella, we successfully implemented our MDTH solution in two blocks, Block A and Block B, with approximately 100 flats in each block. Residents were provided with the flexibility to choose between Airtel, Videocon, and Tata Sky services. With our plug and play option, residents could effortlessly switch between services, saving both time and money. Additionally, our solution keeps the building free from the clutter of multiple DTH dishes.

2. Mahaveer Finest Homes:

MDTH solution was deployed for 45 flats in one apartment building. The residents were provided with the choice of three DTH services selected by the builders, allowing them to switch services effortlessly and conveniently.

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