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EPABX works as switching system for calls that enables both internal as well as external switching functions in a organizationor multistore building. An EPABX/INTERCOM system is an electronic device that aims to provide two-way communication by sending and receiving the audio and/or video transmissions. There are many varieties of INTERCOM systems available in the market for different uses in homes, businesses, offices, etc. One such well-known system is the EPABX/INTERCOM system widely used in business purposes.Unisol EPABX/INTERCOM is an acronym or abbreviation for Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange. It falls under the subdivision of business phone systems which help to serve the business environment and communications. This telephonic tool is only for business purposes and has immense utilities in handling multiple connections through a single one. One can easily install this type of equipment from different vendors who provide supplies for the office uses.

How to select the best intercom system for business purposes?
It is a tough job to select the best EPABX/INTERCOM system in the market. However, proper research and knowledge about the system can provide a helpful guide to the buyers looking for the best in the market. Some of the aspects which are essential to look for while buying the intercom system for its maximum benefits are,
 Call forwarding
 Call accounting
 The selective outgoing calling feature
 Conference calling
 Voice mail
 Call distribution feature
 Call recording feature
 Mobile Integration
Interface with a computer
Generally, nowadays, all the INTERCOM systems work accordingly with the respectively assigned computers. This would benefit the user in tracking down all the details of the calls made and received through the computer and hence, the data can be stored for a long time. Apart from the aspects mentioned above, one should also check out the services provided by the company like technical support, warranty, after-sales service, delivery time, range of products, shipping costs, etc. Unisol can supply & install a high range of affordable intercom system along with the best customer support in the market.

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