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Nano Din Rail Patch Panel

Din Rail Patch Panel

6 Port Nano Din rail Patch panel


  • Material : Mild Steel/Aluminum with seven Tank Process powder coating.
  • Dimensions : 130*65*105 mm (H*W*D)
  • Color : RAL 7035/Black
  • Cable grommet : FR grade Nylon
  • Splice Holder : FR grade Nylon
  • Splice Holder Dimension : 50*48*8 mm (L*W*H)
  • Cable Glands : Nylon with nitrile butadiene rubber, cable diameter of 5mm to 14mm max available
  • Fiber components standard : Telecordia GR 326
  • Insertion Loss : less <.3dB (Multimode), < .2dB (Singlemode)
  • Plug/Unplug durability : 1000 times

UNISOL Nano Din Rail Patch Panel offers up to 6 ports for connection and is designed to be compact in order to save cabinet space. These DIN Rail LIUs can be installed in substation automation networks to give as many fiber connections as possible in the smallest amount of space. The maximum number of cable entries that the fiber enclosure can support is two. They are used in the oil and gas, CCTV and surveillance, rail signalling and control, process automation and control systems, renewable energy, and power transmission industries, where they can be mounted on the backplane or side panel of a compact cabinet. Various adapters, including ST, SC, FC, and LC, can be added to this fiber patch panel.

  • Compact size perfect for limited space enclosures
  • MS/Aluminum housing with 7 tank process powder coating
  • Suitable for DIN-Rail and surface mount applications
  • Replaceable panel for SC/ST/LC/FC type couplers
  • Allow maximum 2 cables entry
  • Patch or fusion splice field termination standard
  • Splice holder for pigtail splicing
  • Because of its compact and ruggedly designed case it is suitable for industrial applications.
  • Available with metal DIN-Rail mount for Industrial high temperature conditions and applications
  • Oil & Gas Industries
  • CCTV Survelliance
  • Rail Signalling & Control
  • Process Automation & Control Systems
  • Power Systems & Controls
DescriptionPart No.
Unisol Nano Din Rail Mount Fiber Optic Patch Panel/LIUUCPL-NANO-DIN-PP
Unisol Nano Din Rail Mount Fiber Optic Patch Panel/LIU – Metal Din RailUCPL-NANO-MDIN-PP
Unisol Adapter panel 1×6 SC SM SimplexUCPL-DIN-SCSM6PSPX
Unisol Adapter panel 1×6 SC MM SimplexUCPL-DIN-SCMM6PSPX
Unisol Adapter panel 1×3 SC SM DuplexUCPL-DIN-SCSM6PDPX
Unisol Adapter panel 1×3 SC MM DuplexUCPL-DIN-SCMM6PDPX
Unisol Adapter panel 1×6 ST SM SimplexUCPL-DIN-STSM6PSPX
Unisol Adapter panel 1×6 ST MM SimplexUCPL-DIN-STMM6PSPX
Unisol Adapter panel 1×6 LC SM DuplexUCPL-DIN-LCSM12PDPX
Unisol Adapter panel 1×6 LC MM DuplexUCPL-DIN-LCMM12PDPX
Unisol Adapter panel 1×6 FC SM SimplexUCPL-DIN-FCSM6PSPX
Unisol Adapter panel 1×6 FC MM SimplexUCPL-DIN-FCMM6PSPX

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