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Fan-Out Cables


Fan-Out Cables

The term breakout-style fiber optic cable (also known as breakout cable or fanout cable) refers to an optical fiber cable that has many jacketed simplex optical fibers bundled together inside an outer jacket. This contrasts with distribution-style cable, which consists of tightly bundled, unprotected fibers covered only by the outer cable jacket. Breakout-style cable is stronger for ruggedized drops because to its construction, but it is also bulkier and more expensive than distribution-style cable. When a very short cable run is planned to eliminate the need of any splice boxes or spliced fiber pigtails, breakout cable is appropriate for usage in conduits as well as short riser and plenum applications.

  • Thin, incredibly flexible 12-fiber fiber-optic fanout cable (round cable, 2.0 mm).
  • Low fire load because of the LS0H sheath’s halogen-free flame retardancy.
  • Versions of OS2 are offered with a 2.5 m standard length (other lengths on request).
  • Type A or type C connectivity standards are both acceptable.
  • Data Centers

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