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Mini Outdoor Pole mount Racks

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Mini Outdoor Pole mount Racks


  • Material : Galvanized steel with 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2mm, 3mm and 4mm thickness as per requirement.
  • Dimensions : 320*280*225 mm (H*W*D)
  • Color : RAL 7035/Black
  • Mounting :  Pole / Wall Mountable
  • Thickness : 1.2mm – 1.6mm
  • Structure : Welded Constructions
  • Temperature Control : Cooling AC220V 90 CFM Dual Fan
  • Lighting : LED Lamp
  • Humidity : Relative Humidity 5% ~ 100%
  • Pressure : Air Pressure 62kpa ~ 101kpa
  • Radiation Intensity : Solar Radiation Intensity

UNISOL Mini Outdoor Pole Mount Rack is a high-density pole-mounted solution for outdoor fiber-optic network applications. Our Pole Mount Enclosure handles fiber optic cable termination and protects fiber splices, passive adapters, and connections in Fiber to the Building Network in a restricted space. Outdoor Pole Mount Racks are used on poles for optical fibre fixation, fusion, and patching. We have created a diverse range of integrated Outdoor Standard Cabinets and customized Enclosures for various segments such as Smart City Projects, Safe City Projects, Private & Public Sector Surveillance Projects, IT-Telecom Projects, and Police & Army Projects. It includes exhaust fans, cooling units, heat exchangers, shelves, and a power strip to provide stable temperature inside the cabinet. Our Pole Mount Cabinets with IP54, IP55, and IP65 ratings provides features including resistance to dust, humidity, rain, moisture, and vandalism.

  • Seven Tank pretreatment process Powder coating with industry standards
  • Supports max four cable entry with glands
  • Hight adjustable self.
  • IP Standards to protect against the dangers of dust, humidity, rain, moisture and physical attack
  • Compatible design to hang on pole or wall mounting (Optional)
  • Protection from harsh outdoor and industrial environments
  • Lock and key for security purpose
  • The layout of the cabinet is reasonable, which will facilitate cable access, fixing and grounding. At the bottom of the cabinet, there are entrance holes individually for power cable, signal cable and optical cable.
  • The cabinet uses assembled structure, easy for installation.
  • Powder Coat with UV protection
  • Simple, useful, functional constructions
  • The cabinet Have Single Door With One Side Hinged and Other Side Locking . The door opening angle is larger than 110°.
  • The lock Knob type, padlock Provision available.
  • Cable clamping and strength member fixation system
  • Suitable for outdoor cable and FTTH drop cable.
  • Smart city and ITMS Projects
  • CCTV, City Surveillance
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Oil & Gas Industries
  • FTTH networks
  • Telecommunications

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