Fiber Optic Patch Panel

Din Rail Patch Panel

The fiber patch panels that are designed to mount on 35 mm Din rail frame to provide cross-connect and interconnect capabilities for splicing & terminating of OFC cables, pigtails in fiber access network called Din Rail mount LIU or patch panel. Unisol designed three models of Din rail patch panels based on indstrial specification and requirement.

Nano Din Rail LIU

UNISOL® Nano (6 ports) Din Rail patch panel used in industrial applications as it has a compact and rugged design case.

Micro Din Rail LIU

UNISOL® Micro din rail LIU (12 ports) designed to support fusion Splicing or direct Termination of the fibers and used for industrial applications.

Mini Din Rail LIU

UNISOL® Mini din rail LIU (24 ports) design to use in industrial applications. It has a compact and rugged design case.


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