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LGX Adapter Frame loaded with LGX splitters

LGX Adapter


LGX Adapter


  • Material: Mild Steel/Aluminum with seven Tank Process powder coating.
  • Dimension: 270 * 60 * 110 mm (W*H*D)
  • Color: RAL 7035/Black
  • Fiber components standard: Telecordia GR 326

The LGX Fiber Optic Distribution Frame serves as access points for high-density fiber optic circuits. Our new design allows for a more flexible interface between fiber optic transmission facilities and fiber optic equipment by allowing users to cross connect fiber cables to equipment using short jumpers or interconnect to the equipment using longer jumpers. The LGX Frame is one-of-a-kind and incredibly efficient because all jumpers are administered on a front-facing field. Using UNISOL modular LGX Frames in your central fiber hub, you can stay ahead of the competition.

  • 19- and 26-inch ANSI or 300 mm
  • ETSI widths
  • 110mm depths
  • Telcordia (GR 449) tested
  • Designed for flexibility
  • Optimizes space
  • Simplifies installation and service
  • Secures connectors and cables
  • Improves organization and storage
  • Accommodate 1 * 4 – 8 way or 1 * 2 – 16 way LGX PLC
  • Easy to install SC-P & SC-UPC

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