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MTP/MPO Cassette

mpo/mtp cable assembly

MTP/MPO Cassette


  • Material : Aluminium body
  • Rear Connector Type : MPO Male
  • MPO Connector IL : 0.7 dB Max
  • Wavelength : 850/1300nm
  • MPO Connector RL : ≥30 dB
  • Operating Temp Range : -10°C to +70°C
  • Fiber Mode : MM 50/125μm
  • Dimension : 35*106*160mm (H*W*D)
  • LC Connector IL : ≤0.3 dB
  • Storage Temp Range : -40°C to +85°C
  • LC Connector RL : ≥25 dB
  • Connector Quality : Standard

UNISOL MPO Cassettes come with 12 or 24 fiber cables, as well as LC and MPO adapters on the front and back. These cassettes are smaller in size and can be used in an ODF. Unisol MPO Cassette Modules lower total costs and setup time for complex high density networking applications used in data centres.

  • High Quality 16GA CRS material allows for compact
    and durable cassettes.
  • 24-Fiber, 10G, OM3, Multimode, 50/125.
  • 24 LC port to 2 MPO port.
  • Cassette offers a plug and play solution which saves
    assembly and termination time.
  • MPO connector reduces insertion loss which
    enhances channel link performance.
  • MPO ports are equipped with Male MPO connectors
    to work with standard MPO female cable assembly.
  • Suitable for any applications with a need for higher
    bandwidth with longer distances.
  • Wiring is 1:1
  • Compatible with all LGX Fiber Enclosures and Patch
  • Data center Infrastructure
  • Enterprise Building Backbone
  • Storage Area Network
  • Emerging 40 & 100 Gps Networks
DescriptionPart No.
Unisol 12F LC MTP/MPO Cassette UCPL-MPM3-12MO-LCPB
Unisol 24F LC MTP/MPO Cassette UCPL-MPM3-24MO-LCPB

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