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UNISOL Fast Connector (Field Assembly Connector or Field terminated Fiber Connector) is a breakthrough field-installable optical fiber connector that does not require epoxy or polishing.

These connectors have a possible fiber connector station time of less than 30 seconds, including preparation. During the installation process, this connector does not require any adhesive or curing. Aside from standard fiber preparation tools, no more specialized tools are necessary in combination with the PC connector family; however, APC variations necessitate some additional equipment.

 Our Fast Connector series connectors are available in FC and SC variants to accommodate single mode and multimode fiber with diameters ranging from 250um to 900um, including multi-mode 62.5/125um and multi-mode 50/125um. We offer field-installable high reliability SC/PC, SC/APC, LC/PC, LC/APC, FC/PC fast connectors with reliable and exceptional optical performance, and their cable tensile test satisfied with Telcordia GR-326-CORE standard.

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