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Outdoor CCTV Pole


Outdoor CCTV Pole


  • Material : HOT DIP Galvanized Standards – IS1461 & IS4759 
  • Dimensions : 3m * 76mm * 3 mm (H*W*T)
  • Coating :Hot dip galvanized coating
  • Strong 10mm base plate with foundation bolts.
  • Mounting Brackets : 360 degree adjustable.

Unisol Outdoor CCTV Pole can be used to provide a wide field of view for security, anti-crime, and traffic control applications in key facilities such as roadways, traffic control, beaches, and borders.Because such CCTV is exposed and positioned outside, it is subject to frequent failure as a result of changes in the external environment, requiring inspection and maintenance.This is designed to make it easier to inspect and repair cameras by installing a winch that connects counties to a wire in CCTV poles so that a camera can be moved to a lower location. As a result, the user is not required to climb to a high location where a camera pole is mounted.

Unisol has expertise in design, manufacturing and  mounting CCTV poles in a professional manner, and we use it to create a safe and beautiful city. Installers can use  pole mount brackets to mount outdoor security cameras or security camera housings on round poles. Larger straps can be acquired and attached to this product if larger diameter poles are required.

  • Allows security cameras and housings to be mounted on poles.
  • Compatible with Analog/IP/PTZ cameras
  • High quality constructed as per outdoor applications.
  • Installs quickly and easily where it’s most required.
  • It is durable, weatherproof, and specially built for outdoor applications.
  • Removable Nut & Bolt system tp mount on concrete foundation base plate.
    1. Security Surveillance
    2. Anti-crime 
    3. Traffic control 
    4. Roads
    5. Beaches
    6. Borders

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