Outdoor CCTV Pole


Outdoor CCTV Pole


  • Material : Mild Steel/Aluminum with 7 Tank Process powder coating.
  • Dimensions : 44*425*320 mm (H*W*D)
  • Color : RAL 7035/Black
  • Spool : FR grade PVC.
  • Cable grommet : FR grade Nylon
  • Splice Holder : FR grade ABC.
  • Splice Holder Dimension : 220*110*10 mm (H*W*D).
  • Cable Glands : Nylon with nitrile butadiene rubber, cable diameter of 5mm to 14mm max available
  • Fiber components standard : Telecordia GR 326
  • Insertion Loss : less <.3dB (Multimode), < .2dB (Singlemode)
  • Plug/Unplug durability : 1000 times

Unisol has introduced outdoor CCTV Camera Poles, which may be utilized in different sectors for power transmission & distribution, Road & Building, manufacturing industries, Traffic monitoring System, Smart city projects and various different applications.

Unisol has a wide range of outdoor security camera housing & enclosures, CCTV mount bracket. Our outdoor weatherproof housings for surveillance cameras are specifically built to resist in-climate weather and Secure cable path through the body of housing to guard against vandals. These camera housings and mounts create a decent investment to guard your cameras from harm. Mounts and housing allow you to require full advantage of your surveillance systems, optimizing them, allowing you to capture the very best quality footage possible.

Every security system needs mounting equipment for its cameras. There are specific mounts required for each variety of system. For best surveillance, you’ll be in need of mounts during a form of locations so as to induce the simplest possible view. There are many various types of mounts for every kind of security system – wall mounts, pole mounts.

  • MS/Aluminum housing with seven Tank process powder coating.
  • Suitable for 19’’Rack mount Applications
  • Replaceable panel for SC/ST/LC/FC type couplers.
  • Can manage adapter panel for maximum 48 SC/48 LC in 1U size
  • Capable of storing up to three meters of 900 micron tight buffered fiber cable
  • Allow maximum six cables entry.
  • Patch or fusion splice field termination standard.
  • High impact resistance splice tray & cable spool for fiber & pigtail routing
  • Accessory kit includes mounting ear, cable gland, cable ties and screws
  • The weatherproof pole mount is suitable for outdoor applications.

    1. Traffic signal 
    2. Apartments
    3. Manufacturing Industries
    4. Smart City & Township
    5. Defense
    6. Large Campus Educational Institutions

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