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Multi-DTH Solution

MULTI-DTH: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

In today’s society, every family would prefer for a “Single Dish Solution” that relies on the services of a DTH provider.

This method may simply be used to handle several houses, ensuring that your city remains neat and well-organized.

As a result of this multi-dwelling unit technology, luxury apartments can now have many connections on a single dish.

We’ve covered everything there is to know about MDU service and which DTH providers offer it in this article.

A DTH MDU (Multi Dwelling Unit) service is a customised solution for connecting multiple TVs within an inter building.

A Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) installation service is a customized DTH solution that uses a single dish antenna to connect multiple homes to DTH.

As a result, each family would not need to install their individual dish antennas because each set-top box would be connected to a single dish antenna.

Antennae for single DTH connections are 60 cm long, however MDU antennas are 90 cm or 120 cm long depending on the number of connections.

For 10-12 connections, 90cm antennas are required, whereas 120cm antennas can be used for anything more.

High-rise buildings, hotels, and corporations can use this service. For the building or towers, a single universal dish antenna is built, which serves all of the houses, rooms, or offices via several switches and amplifiers.

However, each television will come with its own set-top box (STB).

Direct-to-Home entertainment is based on the concept of receiving satellite services directly on your television via a DTH device.

A small dish is installed in your home to receive satellite communications. Therefore, just one dish is needed for a single connection to receive satellite signals.

As a result, many dishes will have multiple subscribers in any intra structure.

MDU is a way of reducing the number of dishes served to all customers in an inter structure to one or two.

MDU is a unified network that consists of numerous switches and amplifiers that distribute data from one or maybe two antennas.

The antenna receives information and transmits it to individual STBs at the subscriber’s end via multi-switches.

The configuration is based on the number of connections as well as the connectivity infrastructure of the building.

MDUs are very cost-effective for multi-television homes since they reduce the need for several connections and allow you to connect the same amplifier to as many television sets as you want.

Each home will be allowed to choose their own channel package regardless of whether a satellite dish antenna is installed.

If you rent a house and want to subscribe to a specific DTH provider with a few of your neighbours, this is a wonderful option to explore.

You can all join together as one and subscribe to this service without having to pay for the disc antenna in this way.

It helps you save money while giving amazing clarity because of the extremely large antenna size.

What Are the Benefits of Using MDU Service for DTH Connections?

With many benefits, MDU services provided by multiple DTH operators are receiving a lot of publicity. The benefits are:

  • Each client in the building does not require a separate antenna to begin receiving DTH services.
  • Keeping one or two dish antennas in a structure is simple. The DTH provider includes the cost of MDU installation.
  • Each subscriber has the option of choosing from a number of plans.
  • The entire IF range of satellites is covered ( No channels are omitted)
  • It is entirely transparent in terms of sent signals (analogue + digital).
  • Installation and maintenance are handled by qualified MDU service professionals.


Which DTH companies provide MDU services?

Unisol provides multi-DTH solutions(Tata Sky, Reliance Digital TV, Airtel DTH) for business connections, hotels, residential complexes & apartments, and hospitals as plug and play.

This solution makes their building DTH enable running multiple services on single coaxial cable.

Likewise, MDU (Multi-dwelling unit) arrangement gives integration of services like CCTV and Telecom administration and internet.

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