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UNISOL Floor mount Racks for Outdoor Application, designed to meet IP54 with Fan & IP55 without Fan (Ingress protection) requirement. Racks manufactured out of CRCA steel sheet punched, formed, welded and to withstand the Harsh Outdoor condition the racks are specially powder coated dual coat with primer & pure polyester powder. The standard for Racks will be fully welded frame with integrated side panel and Associated Front & Back Metal Door with 3 Point lock & Key and provision to mount racks on Floor. Available from 6RU to 42RU Variants with 600 & 800 Width and 600~800 Depth configurations. Fan mounting provision can be on sides or top with canopy with filter unit to meet IP 55 (Ingress protection) requirements

Product Overview:
  • The lockable steel door at the front and rear ends are closed.
  • Fan exhaust cut out on the right and left side of the unit.
  • Ventilated with Filter Grill on both the left and right sides.
  • Powder-coated with Pure Polyester for protection against rust, Oxidation Scratches, and Corrosion.
  • Available optional accessories are LIU Box, Exhaust Fan, Power Strip.
  • Modification can be done according to the equipment like ONU Pockets, media Converters pockets and pocket for Fibre Splice tray.
  • Cable clamping and strength member fixation system
  • Suitable for outdoor cable and FTTh drop cable
  • Magnetic locking system
  • protect against the dangers of dust, humidity, rain, moisture and physical attack
  • Protection is provided from the suns heat using double-wall technology,
  • Reducing these threats can eliminate hot spots and condensation
  • Decreasing the failure of sensitive communications or other electronic equipment.
  • Used in Smart Cities & ITMS Projects,
  • Communication base station, such as the 4G system
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • City Surveillance, Traffic Monitoring,
  • Fiber Termination and defense Projects

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